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As CEO of Box Farm Labs, I am honored to represent and lead some of the the most innovative and hardworking people I’ve met, and to be the spokesperson of the values that our company represents. Through working on Box Farm as a student project at the University of Hawai’i, a small portion of our team recognized the impact that our project could have, which is why we are committed to pursuing it professionally under the name Box Farm Labs LLC. We believe robotic automation to reduce arduous manual tasks associated with growing plants is one of the keys to enabling sustainable farming to feed Earth’s ever growing population. Born and raised in Hawaii, I see firsthand the effects of unsustainable methods used in agriculture. Therefore, Box Farm Labs performs research and development to create products and systems that will improve Hawai'i's food safety and security for our ohana and future generation. 

With legislature in Hawaii pushing for tech startups to be a third leg in Hawaii’s economy, we are uniquely positioned to be among the first to emerge from the university level and directly enter the professional world of start-ups.  Our goal is to put Hawai’i on the map as a hub of this technological development and to become pioneers in the field of automated agriculture. Although small, our dedicated team is excited about the projects we are currently pursuing. Our vision is to enable food security for astronauts on NASAs 2024 push to set foot on the Moon once again, and to pivot these technologies to the commercial farmer, the science research labs, and the home user. Henk Rogers once said to me, "If you can pull it off on the Moon, you can easily pull it off on Earth."

At our core, we strive to be leaders in our community. By performing outreach at every level, we are excited to motivate the next generation of engineers to be a part of this special community that designs the world we live in. is our platform to present the technologies we are developing. More importantly, however, our website gives users a way to interact with us, by reaching out about their unique needs, providing feedback or seeking assistance. As a new company, we naturally value every constructive feedback and expert opinion. We are thrilled about collaborating with as many people and institutions as possible, and look forward to having one of our future products in your home or business.



Preston Tran, CEO

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