Preston L. Tran

CEO, Co-Founder

Since the project’s inception in January of 2018, Preston has overseen the development of the robotic semi-autonomous plant growing system that was the Capstone project Box Farm. His academic excellence, robotics expertise, and  leadership experience at University of Hawai'i Engaged STEM Pathways granted him the unique opportunity to intern at NASA Ames. There he met Dr. Pablo de Leon, a NASA Principal Investigator and Chair of Argentina's Congress of Space Technologies, and noticed the deficiencies facing Martian missions from a life support standpoint. Preston recognized the opportunity for technological innovation, and the idea of Box Farm sprouted. Since then, Preston has taken point in transitioning from a student project to a company whose vision is to revolutionize the agricultural technologies industry in Hawai'i as well as system level management.

Gabor Paczolay

CTO, Co-Founder

Having studied automotive design at Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin, Italy, Gabi applies user-centric principles into the design language of Box Farm Labs. Utilizing his artistic skill set with his technical background from the University of Hawaii Department of Mechanical Engineering, Gabi oversees every aspect of the brand image to ensure aesthetic and functional cohesiveness of every project. Guided by his background in a multitude of design principles including fashion, graphic, and hardware design, Gabi ensures the development of beautiful products without compromising performance at every level. The influence of his understanding of aesthetic appeal on product design will improve the ubiquitous collaboration between man and machine.

Russell Tolentino

Chief Engineer

A professional CAD modeler by trade, Russell brings precision, organization, and technical application background to Box Farm Labs. He oversaw robotic development of the Capstone project, Box Farm. Facing the complexity and design challenges imposed by a travelling robot arm, Russell navigates the inter-dependencies of each component effortlessly, and coordinates closely with his team to rapidly innovate as design changes occur throughout testing. Russell was an outstanding student at the University of Hawai‘i and was a member of the Mechanical Engineering Honor Society Pi Tau Sigma, where he graduated with honors in May 2019. Russell also has experience in software and web-based development and enjoys learning about autonomy and AI in his free time.

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