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Cold, fresh water from the mountains feeding into streams and rivers. 
The management of this fresh water is used to transport nutrients to the plants
Dwellings and living areas were scattered where there was space, reserving prime arable land for food production
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                                                       This ancient Hawaiian method of agriculture emphasized the interconnectedness of man and nature, from the mountains all the way through the valleys into the oceans below. The irrigation techniques utilized by the ancient Hawaiians is one of the first known wholly sustainable methodologies.


TropiGro is designed to bring nature into your home. Our minimalist design philosophy is to let the beauty of your plants speak without drawing attention to the technology that allows them to thrive. Paired with an obsession to provide a joyful and effortless user experience, our hardware is designed with precision and built for reliability. Enabled by state of the art manufacturing methods, our low production volume makes sure that each unit is high quality and meets our lofty quality expectations. 

As our cities grow and our lives become increasingly busy, we thought it was important to bring nature back into our every day lives. Traditional agricultural practices are community centric, bring individuals together to share and thrive as a team.  Every traditional farming method is just as diverse as its respective individual culture, and growing fresh produce in cities allows us to share about ourselves to others through food.  

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Ancient Hawaiian practitioners did not just grow their crop in the lo'i (taro patches), but in every open space, even next to their homes. This princple inspired the design of TropiGro; taking advantage of lost space in your home to grow food! By looking to the past, our vision is to shape a future of decentralized sustainable farming, not just in Hawai'i but the rest of the world. 

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