Live Field Condition Simulation
Humidity and O2 control
Industry Leading fully automated robotic suite
Conduct Data acquisition activities without disturbances to environmental conditions 
CO2 Control
Temperature Regulation
Remote Monitoring
Live Data Communication
 level of  isolation enables an unprecedented experimentation quality

ISO 1822

Unmask phenotypic shifts in response to environmental changes
Fully enclosed Analog Environmental Chamber
U17 Level High Efficiency Particulate Air filtration 
RGB Camera
Hyper-Spectral Camera
Tissue Sampling
Infrared Camera enbaled NDVI plant-health analysis
Integrated weighing system enabled plant-matter and water absorbtion analysis
Trainable Neural Network  for ultra-powerful machine learning
Sustained plant-experimentation for complete life-cycle
Plug-and-Play set-up
Auxiliary power unit
Stackable design for complete laboratory retrofit or multiple simultaneous experimentation
Small Form-factor for standard doorway access

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