Dr. Trevor Sorensen

Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory Project Manager, NASA Clementine Mission Manager

Dr. Trevor Sorensen brings expertise in successful grant writing, a vast technical background in aerospace and wealth of experience in Project Management. Having served as Lunar Mission Manager for the DoD/NASA Clementine lunar mission, Dr. Sorensen also authored three hit computer games, Star Fleet I, Star Fleet II, and Star Legions and served as CEO of the publishing company Interstell Corporation. He  is on the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Board of Directors as the Director of the Space and Missiles Group, which consists of 13 technical committees.

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Dr. Pablo de Leon

University of North Dakota,
ILMH Principal Investigator; Kennedy Space Center

Dr. Pablo de Leon is an expert on the human element in aeronautics, having served as the Principal Investigator of multiple NASA funded project relating to Space Suit development, Extra Vehicular Activities and the Inflatable Lunar/Martian Habitat. His vast experience, spanning over two decades as an aerospace engineer, is derived from previously serving as a Space Shuttle payload manager, participating in over 50 published technical papers and is one of the original competitors in the Ansari X Prize. 

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Hawaii Small Business Development Center 

Hawaii Small Business Development Center Network, established in 1990, is the only state-wide business assistance organization in Hawaii. Their confidential business advisory services are provided to clients at no charge. 

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